Evolving with Pasion

It all started in a teenage room now it is a post-production company that offers high-quality services since 1994.

Since 1994 I have been a participant in the changes that have been taking place in a vertiginous way in the industry of sound and moving image. My passion and love for achieving the highest quality in what I do have led me to constantly evolve enriching my work. Today I am proud of my career and very grateful for the multiple recognition I have received in addition to the great friends and colleagues I have discovered. Thank you for being part of my past, present, and future.

I studied Communication Sciences at Universidad Anáhuac, in which for many years I was the holder of the Postproduction course in the specialty of Cinema of the Faculty of Communication.

Benjamín Fernández Rodríguez Maribona

CEO, Digital Sprockets


Founded in 1994

We where born with the digital video revolution.

2018: Restoration Award

Medal Angel de la Independancia presented by International Jaguar of the Arts.

2018: Canacine Award.

The National Chamber of the Film industry recognizes my labor.

2020: 26 Years

We celebrate our first 26 years. Let's go for more.

Nuestros principales servicios van desde Transfers y Copiados, pasando por DPI´s, Corrección de Color hasta llegar a la Restauración de Material Fílmico.